Long Term Devotion

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.  – Katherine Mansfield  October 14, 1888-January 9, 1923,


My philosophy about the D/s relationship is that the heart of one devoted, loyal and committed sub/servant who seeks their own truth in worship will rise above 1000 who do not seek truth in giving the profound gift of love and devotion to one’s loving goddess – Mistress Mary

 Mistress Mary loves to own and care for her personal slaves, pigs, pets and servants who are committed to worshiping and serving their mistress in a long term relationship.  Mistress Mary’s D/s relationships are based on commitment by both Mistress and servant pet/slave. The Servant pet/slave’s responsibility is to offer themselves in dedicated service to mistress on a Daily/weekly or monthly schedule. It is your responsibility to serve and please your mistress on a long term basis.

You will be responsible for helping keep your mistress pleased and financially sound. You will commit to  making a gesture of your love and devotion each month by offering  gifts of your trust and commitment to your loving Mistress at her feet.  Mistress Mary prefere’s cash or a pre-paid credit card of your chosen amount that can be used for mistresses living and travel expenses and for those slaves in training that Mistress can personally care for at her home. Ownership is on a month to month basis and tasks and morning and evening communication via text and e-mail outside of mistresses presence are required. A contract of ownership will be negotiated and slave collar is expected during session at all times.

LTR Rates

Every servant/submissive and slave gives 10% of  monthly earnings to Mistress Mary with no exceptions. 

Available in San Diego CA / San Jose CA


Below are Mistress Mary’s Preferred Pre-paid credit cards.



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Mistress Mary’s Preferred  credit cards.